Re: [SystemSafety] Best single reference concerning PRA?

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Actually the rail safety law is a Regulation, you can get a copy from the European Union Law service of the EU Publication Office at

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On 11/15/12 9:44 PM, C. Michael Holloway wrote:
> A colleague recently asked me for recommendations for a small number
> of good references concerning the use of probabilistic risk / safety assessment in safety-critical software-intensive systems.
> How would you respond to this request?

First, I would suggest that the word "small" is redundant :-)

Second, I would suggest he look at
a. Kumamoto and Henley's IEEE Press book b. Bedford and Cooke's Cambridge U.P. book c. Jens Braband's monograph if heshe can read German. Jens is, as far as I know, the only Prof in Germany who is regularly teaching an entire university course on engineering risk. (We do mostly hazard analysis.)

I just attended the "Safety in Transportation" annual workshop at TU Braunschweig. Heavily (read: all) rail. I learned that rail in Europe is recently plaguedxxxxxxxinfluenced by European Directive 352 from 2009 on Common Safety Methods (thankfully only) for rail. It apparently tells you you have to use a Risk Matrix, with certain probabilistic boundaries. I would suggest that is a singular, and not a plural, phenomenon.


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