[SystemSafety] Aerial Collision Avoidance

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Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2012 13:30:51 +0100

Neale Fulton just put me on to a 2008 paper in the journal Safety Science (published by Elsevier and therefore expensive to buy, whether you are a library or an individual) by Peter Brooker, quondam Chief Scientist at NATS and a Professor at Cranfield when he wrote the article.

Brooker's article concerns the 2002 Überlingen midair collision. He has read and makes some comments about my 2004 paper (published in 2005), amongst other things that my recommendations, to verify the TCAS algorithms, are not "wise". He apparently reaches this conclusion through considering an analogy with Ancient Rome.

I know some more about the technical background now than I did when I wrote the paper. For example, that the Reversal-RA anomaly was actually known about, and a Change Proposal filed, by Eurocontrol in 2000, and it took until 2008 to get this changed in the TCAS specification (Version 7.1). And in between some 70-odd people died. Some people may feel as I do that this story of inertia is scandalous.

The blog article is at http://www.abnormaldistribution.org/2012/12/09/aerial-collision-avoidance/


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