[SystemSafety] FW: How to link up with the re-located Safety-Critical list ?

From: Scott Nowell < >
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 12:37:54 -0700

I admit that I have not paid much attention lately, but I appear to be getting emails from York, Google and Bielefeld. I am forwarding to York and Bielefeld to see if someone might send the answer.


From: Watts Malcolm (AE/ENG11-AU) [mailto:Malcolm.Watts_at_xxxxxx Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 5:30 PM To: cs-safety-critical-group_at_xxxxxx Subject: [sc] How to link up with the re-located Safety-Critical list ?


I was away whilst the list transfer to Google groups occurred. Activity in this group seems to have stopped. Activity in the Google group seems to be minimal. The vote, as I understood it, indicated that the list would be tranferred to SCSC, but nothing has been announced, and there's nothing on the SCSC web page. I tried to opt-in to the list hosted by Bielefeld, but have heard nothing and I'm getting no postings.

Can anyone explain please what is going on with this list ? I'd really like to opt in to whatever the replaced/transferred group is. Can someone please post (or e-mail) a link allowing opt-in to Bielefeld ?

(And I *cannot*, despite an hour of trying, figure out how to reply to a message in the Google group. You would think this would be a fairly fundamental feature but despite what the manual and Help systems claim, the 'Reply' button does not appear in my browser. Perhaps, like many others, our company security procedures are interfering. But for me, the Google group appears unworkable).

Thanks for assistance,


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