Re: [SystemSafety] FW: How to link up with the re-located Safety-Critical list ?

From: Peter Bernard Ladkin < >
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 21:18:30 +0100

Thanks, Scott, for bringing this up to the Bielefeld list.

A right mess. My guess is that one can give up on an orderly transition and we have planned on that basis. A shame, really, but there you are.

We set up a list at Bielefeld because
1. We have the technical ability to do so, 2. We think such a list is worth while, as demonstrated by the York list and my observations at   ,
3. The York list went to a commercial service provider with which many contributing list members could not cope, for a variety of reasons.

We offered an alternative, on quite short notice, with little to no coordination. That's because we can.

We have a running mailman server and an archive. I also have registered a domain name which is provider-independent,, to which we will slowly be migrating the "Bielefeld" list so that it is truly provider-independent.

Bielefeld appears to be the only place which is motivated to keep a list going as well as having a mail server with a substantial mailing list as well as archiving software which works.

We are happy to share the archiving software. We have offered the archiving SW to SCSC, and we are neutral about the hosting of the list once it has passed to We are waiting for any comment or reaction from York or SCSC.

Mal and others who feel stranded are welcome to join the Bielefeld list if they are not there already.

I have an 11-word summary of the above, should anyone get lost in details. Please ask.

PBL On 1/17/13 8:37 PM, Scott Nowell wrote:
> I admit that I have not paid much attention lately, but I appear to be getting emails from York,
> Google and Bielefeld. I am forwarding to York and Bielefeld to see if someone might send the answer.
> Scott

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