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ECFA+ is quite interesting, in my opinion is similar to Why-Because (sufficiency and necessity criteria) , but more practical (step by step guide). You can find that guide in:

Thanks for your paper!
Javier Echarte
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I have been involved in the IEC standardisation project for Root Cause Analysis, being undertaken by TC56 WG3 (the project team designation is PT3.23) for those who want to look it up on

I wrote some material, including
* a set of terms and definitions compatible as far as possible with the International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV, at , also IEC 60050)

It appears at time of writing that this material will not be used. I think it could be useful to others, so I put it all together on a paper on the RVS WWW site.

I just wrote a blog post at which references the paper, and also includes a list of what I think are the currently most-useful methods in industrial use for root cause analysis for accidents and significant individual incidents. (I distinguish this from root cause analysis for quality control, in which methods such as "5 Why's" are thought to be helpful and Fishbone Diagrams are thought of as sophisticated; both are useless for the analysis of complex individual incidents. Some methods such as WBA are used for both.)

I'd be grateful for pointers to methods I have omitted. I would be even more grateful if people would like to write short synopses in the form used in the paper for some of these methods! Then we can put all the contributions on the WWW for people to read.


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