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Whilst this is a commercial post and I know some do object to this sort of thing (you have to buy MISRA C:2012 for a very reasonable 18 GBP for the PDF from ) it would be churlish and silly to object to David's post.  

This has been 8 years in the making and I could tell you what has changed in the document but if you have anything to do with MISRA C or indeed any C in *any* system not just critical ones, it is well worth reading so just go and buy a copy and read it.  

NOTE neither David or I get anything out of the sales of MISRA C:2012.  

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Dear all  

I hope it is acceptable since many of us have an interest in critical systems (in the wider sense of the word) to mention that today the next version of MISRA C has been published.  

MISRA C:2012 extends support to the C99 version of the C language (while maintaining guidelines for C90). It also includes a number of improvements that can reduce the cost and complexity of compliance, whilst aiding consistent and safer use of C in critical systems.  

Visit for more details.    

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