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Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2013 10:50:27 -0700

Dear All,

Please consider attending the 1st International Workshop on Assurance-Cases for Software Intensive Systems (ASSURE 2013), to be held on May 19, 2013, in San Francisco, CA.

Note that the early registration deadline is Apr. 14.


                       Call for Participation

                            ASSURE 2013

            1st International Workshop on Assurance Cases
                   for Software-Intensive Systems

                            May 19, 2013
                         San Francisco, CA


                   In conjunction with ICSE 2013


Software plays a key role in safety and security-critical systems. Several certification standards and guidelines in a variety of domains e.g., defense, aviation, automotive, and healthcare, now recommend and/or mandate the development of assurance cases for software intensive systems.

The goals of the ASSURE 2013 workshop are to explore techniques for the creation and assessment of assurance cases for softwareintensive  systems; leverage, adapt and apply techniques, concepts, and tools from software engineering in the assurance case lifecycle; identify the dimensions of effective practice in the development and evaluation of assurance cases, and identify critical challenges and define a roadmap for future developments.

This ASSURE workshop, the 1st in a series, will feature eight talks addressing the principles, applications, notations and techniques of assurance cases. The workshop will also feature a panel discussion including the some of the leading researchers and practitioners in the area.

ASSURE 2013 is the forum for researchers, practitioners and students to exchange and discuss assurance case research ideas, results, and take away practical guidance on their application.

Early registration deadline is April 14, 2013.

For specific details on registration and accommodation, visit the ASSURE 2013 website: http://www.cs.york.ac.uk/assure2013

Ibrahim Habli, Univ. York
Tim Kelly, Univ. York
John Knight, Univ. Virginia
Ganesh Pai, SGT/NASA Ames

PROGRAM COMMITTEE Robin Bloomfield, City University
Luke Emmet, Adelard LLP
Richard Hawkins, Univ. York
Kelly Hayhurst, NASA Langley
Michael Holloway, NASA Langley
Daniel Jackson, MIT
Insup Lee, Univ. Pennsylvania
Peter Lindsay, Univ. Queensland
Tom Maibaum, McMaster Univ.
Nikolai Mansourov, KDM Analytics
Robert Martin, MITRE
Yutaka Matsuno, Nagoya Univ.
Roger Rivett, Jaguar Land Rover
Christel Seguin, ONERA
Kenji Taguchi, AIST
Fredrik Toerner, Volvo Car Corp.
David Ward, MIRA Ltd.
Alan Wassyng, McMaster Univ.
Robert Weaver, AirServices Australia
Charles Weinstock, SEI

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