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As a totally non-expert in safety, it seems to me that risks should be evaluated in the context of the consequences of the risk occurring. This is a problem I have with security as well. In the military context I work in, certain systems are explicitly engineered to allow appropriate levels of safety (or security) issues that enable the systems’ existence and acceptable functioning. I know of no perfectly safe and secure (for whatever definitions) weapons systems – many have quite high levels of risks (e.g., to human life) because acceptable performance with acceptable probabilities is regarded as far more important than the system not existing or not functioning at all due to inability to fully remediate safety and security issues. (Missile defense systems are just one example of accepting “Better sometimes than never.”) Perhaps these trade-offs are SOP in the safety community. (But I have experienced multiple instances of the “security uber alles” mindset which would render the system non-functional.)  


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There is probably as much chance of finding a definition of "serious risk" in the IEC standards as there is in defining what a "significant change" is in the European Railway Authority, Common Safety Method!



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[SystemSafety] "Serious risks" in EC 765/2008                   


In EC 765/2008, what is considered a "serious risk"? Is there a reference?
How are the "serious risk" mitigations assessed, especially when "The feasibility of obtaining higher levels of safety or the availability of other products presenting a lesser degree of risk shall not constitute grounds for considering that a product presents a serious risk."? This standard also mandates that the product should be recalled when the serious risk has materialized... and there is wording here to update the risk assessment with field reports.
So is a "serious risk" in this standard in fact a materialized danger...?

Thanks for comments.
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I am running a group producing a risk analysis (in the sense of IEC Guide 51) of the charging process for electric road vehicles. There was and is stiff resistance from some quarters. I have pointed out that, first, IEC Guide 51 says that a risk assessment (compromising a risk analysis and risk evaluation) should be required in any safety-related IEC standard. Second that EC 765/2008 on product quality requires (Article 20) that products representing a serious risk be withdrawn from European markets, and that the judgment that products represent a serious risk be made through a risk assessment. This is European law. Since I have pointed that out in sufficiently general meetings, suggestions that the group's work is pointless have all but disappeared (although the will to limit its work has of course not, for this has other bases).

Prof. Peter Bernard Ladkin, University of Bielefeld and Causalis Limited

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