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My publisher offers softback print-on-demand textbooks at a lower price to students (under certain conditions); unfortunately my intended main audience is engineers, who are not eligible for the offer and who cannot afford the hardback...

Self-publish next time?


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But the price: £63.50 / €76.20 :-( I don't know any students who would afford that.

That is an issue I haven't solved. I was quoted an asking price of £75 from a major publisher for my 2001 book Causal System Analysis, knew none of my students would ever pay, so I printed hard-bound hard copies privately for the university library and for people who wanted them, at a quarter the price, and left it on-line.

On other other hand, I don't know how to do that much better. The Fukushima book is currently being negotiated to cost about €40 (hard copy or electronic).

John Spriggs has a book out on GSN with Springer: Felix Redmill reviewed it in a recent edition of Safety Systems, and remarked on the steep price.

John Knight does best. His 2012 book costs about £32 = €37.50

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