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The Second MIT STAMP/STPA workshop will be held March 26-28. More information will be available soon as well as registration information (the workshop will be free). The website for the conference can be accessed from: http://psas.scripts.mit.edu/home/


*Day 1*: *Morning*: Tutorials on STPA and CAST

           *Afternoon*: Workshops (Birds of a Feather Session) to discuss applications of STAMP/STPA/CAST

                Exact topics to be determined but they might include:

· Aviation: (Natasha Neogi, NASA Langley)

· Accident Investigation: (Kirsten van Schaardenburgy-Verhoeve and Neils
Smit, Dutch Safety Board)

· Certification and Regulation

· Application to NextGen and Changes to the Air Transportation System

· Others?

If you are interested in a particular workshop topic, please tell us and we will try to organize something.

*Days 2 and 3*: Presentations, “Lightening” presentations, posters (evening social session on Day 2)


· Jonathan Hickey, U.S. Coast Guard: Coast Guard, *Aviation Accident

· Cody Fleming, MIT: *The Use of STPA in Hazard Analysis and
Certification of Integrated Modular Avionics Systems*

· Seth Placke (MIT), Cody Fleming (MIT), Jim Kuchar (Lincoln Labs): *Using
STPA in early risk assessment and safety-guided design of TBO (Trajectory Based Operations)*

· Yi Lu, Purdue University and Beihang University, China, *A systematic
safety control approach and practice on flight tests of a low-cost blended-wing-body demonstrator*


· Asim Abdulkhaleq, Stefan Wagner, University of Stuttgart: *Experiences
with Applying STPA to Software-Intensive Systems in the Automotive Domain.*

· Hossam Yahia, Valeo: *Application of STPA to electric vehicles*.

· Padma Sundaram and Dave Hartfelder, GM: *Compatibility Study of STPA
with Automotive Safety Process.*

*Energy, Power*

· Jaleh Samadi, Mines Paris Tech – *Contribution of STAMP to the Risk
Management of CO2 Capture, Transport, and Storage Projects*

· Pat Regan (FERC), Greg Baecher (University of Maryland) (together or
separate): *Hydropower and dam safety, introducing system engineering approaches*

· Dong-Ah Lee, Jang-Soo Lee, Se-Woo Cheon, and Junbeom Yoo, Konkuk
University, South Korea: *Application of STPA to Engineered Safety Features of a Nuclear Power Plant*

· Ray Torok and Bruce Geddes, EPRI: *Nuclear Power STPA Exa*mple

· John Thomas, *Evaluating the Safety of Digital Instrumentation and
Control Systems in Nuclear Power Plants*.

· A. Lucas Stephane, Florida Institute of Technology: *Analysis of the
Fukushima Disaster: Reinforcement for using STAMP as a Vector of Safety Governance*

*Space and Defense*

· Bill Young, MIT and U.S. Air Force: *Cyber-Mission Assurance through
System Safety Princip*les

· Ryo Ujiie, Masafumi Katahira, JAXA: *Using STPA in the Design of a new
Manned Spacecraft*

· Connor Dunn, MIT and U.S. Navy: *The Use of STPA in Satellite Hazard

· Rong Hao, Beihang University, China: *A method of potential hazard
analysis for missile storage process based on STAMP*


*Other Applications*

· Daniel Hartmann Ben Gurion University and Moshe Weiler, Technion,
Israel: *Applying STAMP to Environmental, Sociotechnical Systems*

· Larry Hettinger and Marv Dainoff, Liberty Mutual Research
Institute, *Applying
STAMP to Occupational Safety*

· Eleftheria Mitka, and Spyridon Mouroutsos, *Apply STAMP to Safety
Standards of Home-Surveillance Robots*

· Wayne Buck, Eastern Connecticut State University (Business School): *STAMP
as a Theoretical Framework for Understanding Corporate Moral Failure*

· Sun Rui, Beihang University: *Using STPA to help convert natural
language into formal languag*e

*Product Development and Risk Management*

· Stephanie Goerges, Cummins Engine: *The Application of STPA in
Commercial Product Development to Identify Causal Factors for Economic Losses*

· Mike Hurley, BAE Systems: *Principles of Product Safety: Depiction of a
Product Safety Management System using STPA.*

· Lorena Pelegrin, ILF: *Evaluating Project Safety (System Engineering and
Safety Management) in an Organization*

· John Helferich, MIT: *Risk Management of Hospital Radiation Thera*py

· Sandy Weininger, FDA: *Safety of Interoperable Systems *

*Theory Development and Tools*

· Robert J. de Boer, University of Amsterdam: *Cognitive Resilience*

· John Thomas, *Extending and Automating STPA for Requirements Generation
and Analysis*

· Ioannis Dokas, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece: *Early Warnings
and STPA*

· Nancy Leveson, MIT, *Using STAMP/STPA to Identify Leading Indicators
within a Risk Management Program*

· Michael Stone, Akamai: *Building A Usable Systems Atlas*

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