[SystemSafety] "Apps" and music will be subject to fitness for purpose requirement in UK

From: Peter Bernard Ladkin < >
Date: Mon, 06 May 2013 13:59:00 +0200

So the Queen's Speech will include intent to extend fitness-for-purpose warranty to "apps", music and other "downloads".

What a shame it won't apply to SW in general.


This does suggest, though, that iOS and the other substrata for "App"-type simple SW can be taken to work. That suggests that this model of general-purpose computing has "got it right", or at least righter than other general-purpose OSs.

And here is Symantec's Orla Cox saying that the Apple iPhone has fewer security problems that other platforms, because of the "locked down" nature of its systems:

"Cox said Symantec believed Apple products were less prone to attack, with iPhones for instance being safer because they are "completely locked down". However, she said Apple Macs are "not impervious" to hacking."

 From http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2013/may/05/frontline-cybercrime-symantec


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