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Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 11:44:08 +0100


> To answer your questions:
> 1) Yes, there is some objective evidence that there is a correlation between a low SQALE index and quality code.

How is the quality of code measured?

Below you say that SQALE DEFINES what is "good quality" code. In this case it is to be expected that a strong correlation will exist between a low SQALE index and its own definition of quality.

> For example ITRIS has conducted a study where the "good quality" code is statistically linked to a lower SQALE index, for industrial software actually used in operations.

Again how is quality measured?

> No, there is not enough evidence, we wish there would be more people working on getting the evidence.

Is there any evidence apart from SQALE correlating with its own measures?

This is a general problem, lots of researchers create their own definition of quality and don't show a causal connection to external attributes such as faults or subsequent costs.

Without running parallel development efforts that follow/don't follow the guidelines it is difficult to see how reliable data can be obtained.

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