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I recall that there are a few engineering standards that require that the chief engineer on a project is Chartered. That might be a good start ...


[CAH] The problem is that for (for example)

The fitter fitting a Gas Boiler has to be Registered/Certified The electrician wiring up a Gas Boiler has to be Registered/Certified  The programmer writing the Sw to control the Gas Boiler has to be.... reasonably house trained?

The problem we had was due to Clive Sinclair. When he produced his zx80/81 Spectrum anyone who could copy type a program from the magazine into one of those home computers was "A Programmer" and it all went downhill from there. Self taught enthusiasts with no processes and many bad programming habits.

This is why things like the Rasberry Pi is a bad thing as we will get a new generation of enthusiastic untrained people usually with a myriad of bad [programming] habits becoming Programmers.

If we start insisting that Senior SW Engineers and project leaders etc are Chartered things might change. Whilst there are a few unsuitable people who are Chartered and a few good people will not make the Chartered when the changes are made over time it will improve things and the industry all together. I note that many countries are starting to look at Certifying/Registering Sw people particularly for safety related projects.

It will have to come. If not now when?

 Chris Hills

On 27/06/2013 12:35, Peter Bernard Ladkin wrote:
> Scenarios such as those Bertrand describes are not that far-fetched.
Unfortunately, there are in some places senior management who are in the same state of (lack of) expertise as Bertrand describes. That is a problem of professional qualification which I would prefer to treat as a separate issue.

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