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Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2013 17:16:21 +0000

My preference would be that things like low cyclomatic complexity be considered basic standards of professional practice, well before one even started talking about a safety case. Software with ridiculous complexities shouldn't even be allowed to start making a safety case in the first place.

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Subject: Re: [SystemSafety] Qualifying SW as "proven in use" [Measuring Software]


It would indeed be hard to make a strong safety case for a system whose software was "full of defects".

High cyclomatic complexity may make this more likely and if a regulator wanted to insist on low complexity as a certification criterion I doubt that few would complain. Simple is good - it reduces costs, in my experience.

But if a regulator allowed low complexity as a evidence for an acceptably low defect density, as part of a safety case, then I'd have strong reservations. Let me put it this way: if there's serious money to be made by developing a tool that inputs arbitrary software and outputs software with low cyclomatic complexity, there won't be a shortage of candidate tools - but safety won't improve. And if you have a way to prove, reliably, that the output from such a tool is functionally equivalent to the input, then that's a major breakthrough and I'd like to discuss it further.


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"The safety goal is to have sufficient evidence to justify high confidence that the software has specific properties that have been determined to be critical for the safety of a particular system in a particular operating environment."

Agreed, but my fundamental issue is (ignoring the obviously contrived cases where the defects are in non-safety related functionality) how could software--or the larger system it's embedded in--be considered "safe" if the software is full of defects? Surely there are many elements that go into making safe software. But just as surely, IMHO, the quality of that software is one of those elements. And if we can't get the software quality right, then the others might be somewhat moot?

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