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From: Ignacio González Torquemada < >
Date: Fri, 10 May 2013 11:26:02 +0200

I am legally blind and need a cane for walking.

I suppose that for us the rule in these spaces should be the same as in other spaces: "trust people when they see you walking with a cane". And for the rest of the world it should be "don't run over a person with a cane!".

I have no experience with these spaces, but I have heard that people (and drivers) are usually more careful there, so the integration for us should be easy.


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> I understand that these spaces work by (for example) a pedestrian
> making eye-contact with a car driver and agreeing who has right-of-
> way using small movements and gestures. This is not easy when you
> are blind. How should the visually-impaired be integrated into the
> shared space?
> Even if you were to have a 'seeing eye dog', their movements and
> gestures would be made in a different social context :o)
> John
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> Traffic safety again.
> I think good ideas are worth propagating. One is the shared-space
> approach to dense
> multi-participant traffic negotiations.
> You take all the street signs down and traffic lights away, and
> eliminate priorities for traffic
> types. It started in the Netherlands, and there is a shared-space in
> the center of Bohmte, a town
> not far away from Bielefeld.
> In short: it seems to work in some social settings. I would guess: a
> relatively dense space with
> complex traffic flows, fair numbers of each participant type
> (pedestrians, bicycles and other HPVs,
> and mixed motorised traffic from mopeds to heavy goods vehicles),
> and speeds that are in any case
> physically limited. And strong implicit or explicit social controls
> of aggression.
> There was some talk of doing it with Exhibition Road in London
> Kensington, where the Science,
> Geology and Natural History Museums are, not far away from the
> Albert Hall. I don't know what became
> of that.
> Apparently there is one at the Poynton Intersection in Greater
> Manchester. Here is The Guardian's
> short take in its In Praise Of series of editorials:
> Prof. Peter Bernard Ladkin, Faculty of Technology, University of
> Bielefeld, 33594 Bielefeld, Germany
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