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Thanks for this answer.

This quite exactly my appreciation of the situation ...

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    A personal answer (not for distribution) of your questions on tool use, from my perspective. I have marked my notes with ">>". Our product supports the "Function Block" language specified by IEC 61131-3, with a number or additional Gates/FucntionBlocks which we and our customers find useful.

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Dear all,

I would like to have your opinion on the following question.

Why do all these nice and fancy tools, such as SQALE and many others, are only available for ADA and C++ and not for the IEC61131-3 languages used in process and manufacturing industries ?

Is it because:
* These languages are not considered sufficiently "seriously safe" by "serious persons" to deserve academic works and tools ?
>> I know that we have 2 forms of some of the fuction blocks.
>> They are the "standard" ones, and the "Safe" ones.
>> The Safe ones will detect certain errors that the standard ones do not.
>> For example, a safe "ADD" will detect overflow,
>> while the standard one will not.
>> 61131-3 standard is incomplete (my opinion) on sematics of FB.
* It is not possible to access these languages because they are proprietary artefacts not open to academic works ?
>> Yes, our langages and its extensions are propritary.
* The designers and suppliers of these languages don't allow access to the academic and software community ?
>> I suspect that access would be allowed under a non-disclosure.
>> I suspect that such would not be acceptable to the academics.
* The academic and software community don't identify the need ?
>> No data from me here.

* The final intended users are not sensitive to theissue ?
>> Most of our end-users are not programmer types.
>> They don't get semantic defintions of our FBs.
>> They don't ask us to put such in user manuals.
* Competent enough to adress the issue ?
>> Suspect only a very few are competent.
>> Suspect almost no software engineers.
* Any work on the languages is useless because the OS below is even more unknown and not accessible ?
>> Diagree here. I can (somewhat) verify that ADD works OK,
>> even if don't have access to the undetrlying OS / HW.
>> I do such by writing test-cases similar to what HW
>> designers do to test their HW, including corner-cases.
* Anything else ?

>> Nope.

>> J'espere que cette est utile pour vous.

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