[SystemSafety] Development of code for ASICs under IEC 61508

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Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2013 17:31:37 +0100

Dear Colleagues

I have a question about code developed for ASICs under IEC 61508:2010. IEC 61508-2 specifies that an ASIC development lifecycle shall be used and notes the similarity between the software and ASIC life cycles( Note 2). However, there is a concern that the standard's requirements for the ASIC life cycle appear to be less than those for software. For example, IEC 61508-3 specifies requirements for tools, including programming languages in para 7.4.4. On the other hand, IEC 61508-2 is less forthcoming on the issue of tools. It cross refers to para of IEC 61508-3 in 7.8 the section on modification (, and also mentions in Table B6 (normative) /Use of tools that are proven in use (see 7.4.10) or validated; general computer aided development for all phases of the //safety lifecycle./

Thus, should one interpret the standard along the lines that when one needs to certify an ASIC against IEC 61508-2, then it must also be the case that the ASIC codecomplies with IEC 61508-3 as well?

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