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Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2013 20:31:37 +0200


2013-07-02 18:37, Steve Tockey:
> How much they are aware of and pay attention to the fact that there are
> better ways to do things remains to be seen...

At least a Japanese maker is considering SPARK Ada (provable subset of Ada):

   TOYOTA ITC Japan Selects SPARK Pro Language and Toolset for High-Reliability Research Project

The goal of the project is to show that software requirements can be transformed into an implementation that can be proven to be free of run-time errors. This will have the key advantage of providing ultra-low-defect software for higher reliability in a vehicle component. An added benefit is the reduction of development and maintenance effort, since the formal approach being used can give mathematical assurance to a variety of correctness properties, reducing the need for certain types of testing and eliminating the need for post-deployment corrections. """

Of course, this is a *research* project, such kind of technology is not used for production vehicles... yet? ;-)

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