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Three from the aviation design assurance area:
  1. Stochastic or empirical validation of individual DO-178B objectives
  2. Stochastic or empirical validation of individual DO-254 objectives
  3. Methods for assuring marginally non-deterministic safety-critical embedded systems

The first two are tough due to data access issues but would be incredibly useful in understanding the incremental increases in safety margin that accrue from the application of specific and prescriptive design assurance objectives. Scientifically answered whether we have the right objectives has simply not been accomplished even after decades of applying these particular standards. The last one is a realization (IMHO) that the path we are on with ever more prescriptive objectives for demonstrating lock-step determinism in highly complex embedded architectures (e.g., multicore) is likely to be cost prohibitive in the near future and that better value may be obtained by abstracting out (in some cases) to a higher level of determinism. In other words, it may be less important to know exactly what is happening at each clock count at the digital level than it is to know I get a bounded response within a defined time window.  

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Contribution from Andy Loebl...  

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1-Waste, Fraud and Abuse in U.S. Public Healthcare claims data.

2-Physics based Electricity Grid modeling in the U.S. for understanding demand-side system faults causing outages.

3-extending STAMP to understand U.S. security systems vulnerabilities to terrorism  

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Suppose you were to prioritize, say, 3 research topics. Which would you select?

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