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A bit late to the conversation ...

Extending Andy's suggestion on the Electricity Grid, it seems to me that

  1. quite a lot of work has been done on software correctness, and many people continue it
  2. as has been observed before, it's rarely the software that is dangerous - it's the things that the software controls. Therefore I would be interested to see more work on the modelling of the physical system, and how to derive usable properties from it that the software correctness people can work with to prove. Ideally, this should link the intellectual effort that people usually already spend on the physical system producing physical simulation models to the formal properties to prove on the software. By physical simulation models, I mean models in tools such as Modelica, Simulink, ADAMS, LMS that represent the physical system your software is trying to control.

An interesting piece of the larger puzzle?



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Contribution from Andy Loebl...

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1-Waste, Fraud and Abuse in U.S. Public Healthcare claims data.
2-Physics based Electricity Grid modeling in the U.S. for understanding demand-side system faults causing outages.
3-extending STAMP to understand U.S. security systems vulnerabilities to terrorism

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Suppose you were to prioritize, say, 3 research topics. Which would you select?

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