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Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 12:40:34 +0100

PBL wrote:

> 11. I read in the Observer (Sunday paper of the Guardian group) that the
> has been arrested, arraigned in handcuffs before a judge, and charged with
> multiple manslaughter.
> That is, of course, an excellent way to ensure that investigators (of any
> obtain minimal useful information about any human factors at play in this
> accident. Indeed, the article reports that he has received legal advice
not to
> make a statement to police.

Hear, hear!

If some technological failure caused the accident, we need to know.

If some technology misled, confused or distracted the driver at a critical moment, we need to know.

If some technology that should have intervened was absent, switched off, or otherwise ineffective, we need to know.

The (seemingly) media-led frenzy to find someone to blame is an obstacle to the prevention of future accidents. Even if the technology is not at fault, we should still be asking what would lead an experienced, well-qualified driver to act (or not act) in the way he did. Then we have a chance of improving things. We won't if the 'blame game' takes priority.

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