[SystemSafety] A thought about recent matters that concern us all

From: Peter Bernard Ladkin < >
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 22:51:13 +0200

Like many, I have been following the recent revelations about US and UK government surveillance of electronic communications with interest and considerable worry.

If you are an engineer, you may or may not think this matter concerns you. If you travel into and out of the UK frequently, as I must, then you might be somewhat more interested in the reasoning behind the detention at LHR last Sunday of an assistant to the Guardian's investigation.

If you don't think this concerns you, I think you may be wrong. I think every professional who has access to privileged information has reason to worry about the direction the arguments justifying the apprehension are taking.

The Guardian and other sources are covering the bases pretty well, but I haven't seen this argument yet, and I think it needs to be in the public domain. I wrote it up: http://www.abnormaldistribution.org/2013/08/25/detention/

Let me point out that this note specifically concerns the public reasons given by officers of the UK government for arbitrary detention in ports in the UK. It does not concern the more general issue of electronic surveillance, its extent, its justification or lack of it.


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