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There were a paper on this issue presented on safecomp back in 2008 with the title: "towards agile engineering of high-integrity systems" I think most of the statements in this still holds.

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Just one point ....
yes agile exist, yes it exist white paper and other ... but I am an assessor in railway domain and I participate to many comitee where different domain work on safety and nobody used the agile method for safety-critical application

and I am not sure that it's relevant .... the objective is the safety and the demonstration of the safety

2013/9/2 Geoffrey Biggs <geoffrey.biggs_at_xxxxxx Bruce Douglass (the IBM lead person on their Harmony version of agile) has a white paper about the use of Agile analysis in safety-critical software:

I don't know how much practical experience he actually has, but judging from his examples in this and other white papers, any he does have is in the medical devices domain. Perhaps this might be a useful reference; I'm not in a position to judge.

As an aside, I would be interested in hearing the opinions of the experts on this list about that article.


On 31 August 2013 10:42, René Senden <rene.senden_at_xxxxxx Dear all,

Before I respond to the feedback given thus far.. and any future ones...let me say this..

Please assume that I am aware of some basic knowledge (theoretical only) about agile methods, and extensive & practice knowledge of "system safety" in various industries, obviously including software aspects. Also, you may assume that I am an avid follower of relevant publications in our field. As such, I also wish to ask anyone who considers to respond to my question, to read my question before doing so. I am not particularly interested in contributions which question the question at hand. Of course questions submitted to this list lead to debates, and that is fine so feel free, but let it be clear that I will not respond to contributions to this thread which do not address PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE related to the premise I described. Too often questions on this list digress into irrelevant debates, frequently of a misguided philosophical nature.


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Dear all,

Do any of you have practical experience with reconciling established agile software development with software safety requirements (e.g. IEC-61508 or DO-178..) ?

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