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From: GRAZEBROOK, Alvery N < >
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 19:30:46 +0200

What motivates you to ask these questions? Are you faced with developers familiar with Agile who want to continue? or with managers who see the "benefits" of agile wanting to realise them? or some other variation?

If your motivation is to elicit user requirements, you might consider an "agile" development of a model-based specification, followed by a more conventional waterfall implementation.

I have seen a process of this kind followed. The main problem when it comes to implementation is un-picking which parts of the model are true specification, and which parts are over-implementation to get the simulation to work.



> My latest contribution, as a response to Myriam, indeed
> concludes with an additional question… I am not hoping
> for any particular outcome, I don’t know how you got that
> impression…
> Personally I am very skeptic about agile methods in this
> context..that being said.. we can’t always chose the
> questions we are faced with…
> Rene

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