Re: [SystemSafety] Which software for very basic FTA?

Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 10:24:20 +0000

You can use Open FTA. Or Saphire ( (NDA). For your use , Open FTA is ok.

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On 9/24/13 11:37 AM, David MENTRE wrote:
> I am planning to do some FTA (and possibly FMEA). Such FTA are going
> to be very very basic (relatively small tree, no probabilities, ...

We call those "qualitative FTs"

> I could use MS Visio or similar drawing software. I am already using
> MS Excel. However I would like to have (i) a graphical representation
> of the tree, (ii) numbering of events (for traceability), (iii)
> printing capabilities (print the tree on several A4 pages in readable
> form).

If you don't care about Manhattan layout (vertical/horizontal edges only) but are willing to accept slanted edges, then the dot engine (part of the GraphViz package) is good. We have been using various versions of it in the SERAS tool and its predecessors for a decade and a half.

One advantage of dot over Visio is that you specify the connections (the language is simple) and the layout is automatic. So when nodes get moved, the edges follow them; you don't have to move each element separately.

SERAS does item (ii). It also does (iii), but only via other open source tools.

There are Linux tools for doing (iii), but they only "tile" a complete graphic; they don't split the tree up in any cognitively intelligent manner.

We have used predecessors of SERAS to produce FTs. But the current version of SERAS doesn't have the "AND"/"OR"-gate graphics that FTs use. And I haven't fired up our old SW in many years.

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