Re: [SystemSafety] Which software for very basic FTA?

From: David MENTRE < >
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 10:52:50 +0200


2013/9/25 anonymous suggestion :
>> In my opinion, [openFTA] is perfect for your purpose. I have seen quite complex FTA using this tool, without stability problems. Maybe, printing options are quite limited, I donīt remember.
> Now that I can run it, I'll give it a try, following your suggestion.

I used openFTA for my fault tree (about 20 basic events, ~10 gates). It worked reasonably well. I stumbled across a few bugs, but nothing blocking. The UI is rather simple to use. The only annoying point is that if one wants to make a "sub-tree" (don't know the official term) in another page, one needs to open a new file and the application does not allow to open several files simultaneously. But I was none-the-less able to copy/paste from one file to the other. I could print the file and generate an image that is easy to include in a report. If one wants a valid tree, one needs to name every element (gates, intermediate events, basic events, ...). As there is no default naming, that can become cumbersome.

The Windows version of openFTA worked in Windows 2000 compatibility mode and apparently crashed several times the graphic driver, but Windows 7 was apparently able to recover automatically. I haven't tested the application under Linux.

Overall, openFTA seems a reasonable application for basic Fault Trees. The application would certainly need some love from a Java programmer (fix the few bugs, improve the UI, ...).

Many thanks for all the suggestions in this thread, Best regards,

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