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Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 16:07:14 +0100

The only comment I can make until the document is in English is to applaud you and the committee for opening it to public peer review.

I don't know the direction of cause and effect but the difference in quality between open and closed risk assessments in my collection is marked. This doesn't stop a prevailing culture of secrecy.

I look forward to the English version, and I hope you will consider publishing the received comments to the extent permitted by confidentiality.

On 21 Oct 2013 15:50, "Peter Bernard Ladkin" <ladkin_at_xxxxxx wrote:

> For the last couple of years, a committee I chair in the
> standardardisation organisation for
> electrotechology in Germany, the DKE, has been working on a hazard
> analysis and risk analysis of the
> recharging procedure for electric road vehicles.
> A year ago, we completed a draft high-level analysis for charging vehicles
> in so-called "Mode 3",
> that is, using charging transformers, "charging stations", affixed to the
> infrastructure, say at the
> roadside or in/on a building.
> We are now considering Mode 2 charging, in which a portable
> transformer/control device called an
> "In-Cable Control Protective Device" or ICCPD is attached by a cable to a
> non-dedicated circuit, say
> a building circuit, on one side and to the vehicle to be charged on the
> other.
> Oddly, the project to perform a HazAn/RiskAn is controversial, despite
> that the IEC Guide on Safety
> says that all safety-related standardisation projects should incorporate a
> HazAn/RiskAn phase into
> their process requirements. The DKE performed the HazAn/RiskAn because the
> charging infrastructure,
> from fixed circuits to charging stations to the cables connected them to
> the car, do not otherwise
> fall under a single entity, a company say, with end-to-end responsibility
> for the entire system.
> Risk Analysis would normally require an assignment of numbers
> (probabilities or likelihoods) to
> certain events happening, as required by say fault trees or event trees.
> We can't do that, because
> no numbers are available for a new process such as this. So qualitative
> risks must be assessed. We
> used a spec'd-down version of OHA for the hazard analysis and qualitative
> event trees to indicate risks.
> The HazAn document is published now under the editorial names of myself
> and Bernd Sieker. Many
> people contributed, but because of the sensitivity of commercial companies
> to their markets, other
> contributors wished not to be named. They do include some very good
> electrical engineers indeed,
> with whom I am delighted to have the privilege of working.
> At the suggestion of the Committee, the Mode 3 document is currently
> available, at the moment only
> in German, at
> It is
> deliberately short and simple to read, and we hope technically accessible.
> An English version will
> slowly take shape.
> Comments are *very* welcome.
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