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Some 30 years ago I was at a lecture on Nuclear power where the person
(whose name escapes me now but he was a UK government official) said the
choice is simple: Do you want Nuclear power or to reduce the [global] population by 30%?

The coal, oil and gas power were polluting the planet not to mention using up resources as more people wanted more power... Ie the largely rural communities of the 3rd world wanted electric lights, refrigeration, air con, TV, video players etc (not PC' or mobile phones at that time though) this has proved to be the case.

Since then renewable and eco-friendly systems have been developed but are nothing like as efficient or effective and were once expected to be.

So do we want to cover the country with solar panels, wind farms (that are noisy and kill birds) and keep the coal, oil and gas systems? Whilst people look with horror at the accidents in Nuclear plants what is the death and injury toll from coal oil and gas industries? I would suggest much higher, it is not just at the power plants but the obtaining the raw fuel to start with. A helicopter full of people was lost only a month or two ago in the North sea en route to an oil rig.

Japan is likely to reduce its population by 30-50% in the next 50 years.
(Recent article in Observer and Ch4 TV program last week) So it may not need
nuclear and probably could use conventional and renewable power. Possibly other parts of the world like Africa could as well but the high population areas such as Europe may not have that luxury.

Chris Hills

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Dear all,

Today I learned from BBC World News that the UK will be developing another nuclear facility for the purpose of generating energy. It was also said that UK’s PM indicated that (and I paraphrase).. “it will be one of hopefully many to come”.
Although this hardly needs to be said on this list, please correct me if/where (deemed) necessary. I pretty much typed this posting within 2 minutes after hearing the news…

There have been quite different, at times even opposite, political
(re)considerations w.r.t. nuclear energy in the aftermath of the tragic
accident in Japan, which happened not so long ago. A very pronounced difference in policy is, of course, Germany vs.. well.. most other countries…

Is it strictly a matter of (inter)national politics or do the different national policies also reflect different opinions of the corresponding

experts and scientists serving those countries (whose expert judgement I assume to influence the policies set out by the politicians they advise) ?

I am very interested in your thoughts on this.


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