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Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 17:25:37 +0100

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> I wonder what will happen to Germany with 80% renewables on a very cold week in winter, with no sun and a high anticyclone. And if it were to last 10 or 15 days?


We'll be able to plug our electric cars into our houses and power them until the sun comes out. Well, not "we" because it is highly unlikely that I'll be around in 2080.

Mitsubishi claims it can do two days already on a full charge. To the power companies at the moment, that is anathema; the grid infrastructure is not made for it and could not cope. But that can change too.

And insulation.

The family of my heating engineer lives in a house of which the heating costs are (he claims) 100 per year. Biomass energy. And lots of conservation measures. It's not for everyone - small rooms; recirculated air through filters. But there are sixty-six years in which to make it better.

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