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Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2013 14:50:45 +0000

I would imagine that hydrogen was not mentioned because it is not a primary energy source.

There are no convenient hydrogen mines or hydrogen wells. It has to be created using a primary energy source like solar, wind, oil or nuclear.

Hydrogen might be convenient for energy storage and energy distribution but that is all - it won't solve our energy supply problems.

Peter Bishop

René Senden wrote:
> There have been interesting contributions to this thread, many thanks to
> all.
> A lot has been said with respect to economic considerations.. Regarding
> alternative
> energy sources I noticed that hydrogen was not mentioned..
> Less has been said about the associated risks, acceptability of risk etc,
> not only with
> respect to accidents but also w.r.t. the matter of nuclear waste
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> Dear all,
> Today I learned from BBC World News that the UK will be developing another
> nuclear facility for the purpose of generating energy.
> It was also said that UK’s PM indicated that (and I paraphrase).. “it will
> be one of hopefully many to come”.
> Although this hardly needs to be said on this list, please correct me
> if/where (deemed) necessary. I pretty much typed this posting within
> 2 minutes after hearing the news…
> There have been quite different, at times even opposite, political
> (re)considerations w.r.t. nuclear energy in the aftermath of the tragic
> accident in Japan, which happened not so long ago. A very pronounced
> difference in policy is, of course, Germany vs.. well.. most other
> countries…
> Is it strictly a matter of (inter)national politics or do the different
> national policies also reflect different opinions of the corresponding
> (relevant) experts and scientists serving those countries (whose expert
> judgement I assume to influence the policies set out by the politicians they
> advise) ?
> I am very interested in your thoughts on this.
> Rene
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