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I'm more than happy to endorse everything Andrew says here. Doing an interview for him was a pleasure. It's a neat podcast he's running. John

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> On Nov 6, 2013, at 1:49 PM, Andrew Rae <andrew.rae_at_xxxxxx >
> Hi folks,
> This is a mixed plug/request/opportunity.
> DisasterCast has been chugging along reasonably, with some quite good audience figures. Recent episodes have covered:
> Episode 15: John Downer on Fukushima and quantitative risk assessment
> Episode 16: Michael Holloway and the Iraqi Grain Disaster (no particular connection there)
> Episode 17: Glenbrook, Waterfall and failing to learn from accidents
> Episode 18: Friendly fire and data safety (yes, there is a connection there)
> Episode 19: Through Life Safety, Alaska Airlines 261, and Star Trek Transporters
> The strongest feedback has been from episodes featuring interviews, and part of the hidden agenda of DisasterCast is to support
> public communication of science (science communicators often keep score by how well they help other scientists communicate).
> I'm looking for some interview subjects for the next few episodes.
> Hopefully Michael and John will agree that it wasn't a painful experience, and that they were able to fairly represent their own views. Also, you
> don't need to be famous or outspoken. Every safety practitioner or researcher has interesting things to say, (and a subset of ideas or stories that
> aren't classified or confidential).
> For those in the unfortunate position of having to worry about these things, podcasting is really easy to provide impact statistics for. The DisasterCast audience
> is mostly non-academic (as far as I can tell less than 20% academic, 50% in some sort of safety job, and the rest just general public interested in the topics), and I
> collect episode stats through a verified service.
> For those who don't have to worry about "impact", public engagement is fun, and the audience is much bigger than a typical class or conference room.
> Please let me know if you're interested.
> Drew
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