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*Call for Participation*

*Third STAMP/STPA Workshop*

*March 25-27, 2014*

STAMP is a new accident causality model based on systems theory and systems thinking described in Nancy Leveson’s new book “Engineering a Safer World.”  STPA is a powerful new hazard analysis technique based on STAMP while CAST is the equivalent for accident/incident analysis. Interest in and use of STPA and CAST is growing. As a result, we will be holding a third STAMP/STPA Workshop on March 25-27.

*Additional Information*: The PSAS website (http://psas.scripts.mit.edu/home) contains the presentations from past workshops and will provide more information about this one when available.

*Due date Dec. 10*: (send to leveson_at_xxxxxx

· Interest in making a presentation (1 page description of the
content of your proposed presentation)

· Other types of sessions you would like to lead or participate in

· Extended abstract (2-3 pages) for a research paper

· Proposals or suggestions for tutorial or other sessions

· Additional suggestions for the meeting or other ways you might
like to participate

*Possible Topics for Presentations (not limited to these):*

· Experiences using STPA and CAST

· Safety-guided design using STPA

· Accident analyses

· Certification and regulatory issues

· Evaluations and comparisons with traditional techniques

· Risk management and identifying leading indicators

· Applications to security

· Implications of STAMP and STPA for integrated modular avionics,
interoperability, cyber warfare

· Tools, processes, and other support for analysis and design using

· Management and adoption experiences or challenges

*Program*: Notification about acceptance and a detailed program will be available by the end of January. We will provide a registration website although the meeting will again this year not have a registration fee.

*Location*: MIT

Prof. Nancy Leveson
Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems
MIT, Room 33-334
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Cambridge, MA 02142

Telephone: 617-258-0505
Email: leveson_at_xxxxxx
URL: http://sunnyday.mit.edu

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