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And a happy New Year right back Peter :)

Moore's law is the killer as I see it, and as the Internet of things gathers pace I think the traditional demarcations between security and safety will start to blur and dissolve.

I wrote an oped piece here, if anyone on the list is interested.

What are we all going to do when 'everything' is running Linux?


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Hi folks, Happy New Year to everyone!

  1. Peter Neumann asked me to write a short piece for the Risks Forum about the Bookout/Toyota events. I haven't got around to it yet. Does someone else feel the call?
  2. The SCSC SSS'14 program is out and available on the SCSC WWW site. John Knight is going to be giving a Keynote, then chairing a panel session, on safety standards. 2014 is the year in which maintenance of IEC 61508 is likely to start. And, I presume I shall find out Monday, the year in which the revision of EN 50128, the railway control systems standard, sank.
  3. Security is increasingly involved with safety. Not least so in embedded systems. Martyn pointed out to me an op-ed piece by Bruce Schneier in which he is very worried about embedded-system security, for very good reasons which he lays out. He is mostly concerned about routers. But we worked a few years ago in a research project with major automobile and -component manufacturers on a largely-software-configurable road-vehicle line, doing the threat analysis for the loading of SW in the field (that is, at maintenance stations). I am thankful it is finally becoming an issue.
  4. I note that Embedded World in Nürnberg (Nuremberg) is in a couple weeks, a favorite of Chris Hills and Nicholas McGuire. I didn't see much in the program about the matters concerning Schneier.
  5. Off-topic but related. Sticking with matters that concern Schneier, I am very concerned about the situation described in the Snowden revelations. I am preparing a piece about the consequences for society of subverting Internet communications protocols - I suggest they are by no means good and the public debate I have seen so far give them short shrift and I think this is even less good. But it is not ready for distribution. Since November I have been maintaining a collection of links to published articles and other matter, which I update on a roughly weekly basis, for a seminar at Bielefeld in which we are discussing the issues. Others here might find it useful. The URL is stable; the contents not


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