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*Third MIT STAMP/STPA Workshop*

March 25-27

MIT, Cambridge, MA

STAMP is a new accident causality model based on systems theory and systems thinking described in Nancy Leveson’s book “*Engineering a Safer World*.” STAMP integrates into engineering analysis the causal factors in our increasingly complex systems such as software, human-decision making and human factors, new technology, social and organizational design, and safety culture.

STPA is a powerful new hazard analysis technique based on STAMP while CAST is the equivalent for accident/incident analysis. These tools are now used globally in almost every industry. This free workshop will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn how to use these new tools, to meet with users and to hear about applications, evaluations, and the latest developments in this powerful new approach to system safety engineering. This year, the workshop will include a parallel half-day session on the application of STAMP to security.

Presentations will span the application areas of automotive, aeronautics, air transportation (NextGen), railroads, healthcare, petrochemicals, etc. and will also include presentations of three sets of tools that are being developed (at the University of Stuttgart, Volpe National Transportation Research Center, and MIT) to support STPA. You do not need to make a presentation in order to attend, you can just listen.

Information about special rates on hotels and other aspects of the meeting will be posted on:


If you are interested in attending, we would appreciate it if you would register that interest. The workshop is free, but we need to obtain appropriate space at MIT and want to avoid another big surprise like the first year when we expected 50 people and 250 showed up. The registration list will also help us with planning and with sending out detailed information about the workshop as I do not want to spam people with multiple unwanted emails.

The registration form is embedded in this message below. If your organization does not allow the use of embedded email forms, just send the information directly to leveson_at_xxxxxx

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

STAMP Workshop 2014 Registration

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   Please choose only one as the sessions will be in parallel.     Introductory tutorial - general STPA exercises/tutorial CAST    exercises/tutorial Do you have another idea for a tutorial session? - if    so, please specify in the suggestion box below None     Are you interested in a parallel tutorial/track on the use of STPA in    security (cyber and physical)? *

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