Re: [SystemSafety] NYTimes: The Next Accident Awaits

From: Mike Rothon < >
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2014 17:05:13 +0000

On 03/02/14 16:13, Derek M Jones wrote:
> If company management are willing to cut corners, and write shoddy
> safety cases to save money, then without adequate review a "safety
> case" approach appears to be fatally flawed.
> So far I have not seen arguments from anybody on this list that
> address this fundamental flaw.

I think the basic way to address this is to ensure proper accountability, for example in some sectors there is the concept of an "Accountable Manager".

If you submit a safety case (or whatever) for a fault-ridden system and claim that it is as safe as houses then you should be accountable for doing so (hopefully in the context of a Just Culture!).

The acceptance of material submitted to a regulator is to some extent a check and balance. It should not exonerate the producer of said material of all responsibility once it has been accepted.

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