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> Also, is anyone aware of system level product standards that may exist
> in any application domain. Standards that mandate various high-level design
> approaches as mentioned in Nancy's article ["Product: Specific design
> features are required, which may be (a) specific designs or (b) more
> general features such as fail-safe design or the use of protection
> systems."]. By "system level" I mean pertaining to the overall design of
> the system, not a component thereof. I would call an electrical
> installation a component.

Although I do not consider myself an expert in the area, I think that the ISO machinery safety standards use the "product" approach. See, for example, ISO 12100 (general principles for risk assessment and reduction in safety of machinery), which in part provides information on generally-applicable risk reduction features that should be used where appropriate. There is also a standard for the design of machinery control systems (ISO 13849), which includes such things as software and electrical architectures to use. Domain-specific standards that fall under ISO 12100 (in the hierarchy of safety standards) provide more specific details on the risk reduction features that should or must be used for that domain. For example, the ISO 10218 industrial robot safety standard lists things such as maximum power outputs, required emergency stop systems ("robot stopping functions"), and work cell layout to ensure separation between humans and robots. The recently published (on Monday) ISO 13482 standard for service robot safety also uses this approach.

I'm not sure if they above are what you are looking for in terms of "system level," but I think that at least the robot-specific ones are system-level in that they specify overall designs and features required.


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