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From: Gergely Buday < >
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2014 12:52:19 +0100

Peter Bernard Ladkin wrote:

> I have started to contact people who are likely to feel similarly about the importance of skills
> with FDLs and in particular with applied logic in informatics as I do. I'd be grateful for any
> material - stories, opinions, observations about curricula, about software engineering practice, and
> so forth - which you may be able to convey.

Despite of being one of the oldest science, logic is not treated well today, many mathematicians and computer scientists think it is about logical operators and that's it.

There are very few logic dissertations out there, which can explain this. There are strong research groups on logic and especially logic in computer science but
outside of these modern logic is likely to be considered esoteric.

About what to teach: if you are to train people to use formal methods, higher order logic is essenial. There aren't too many good texts for undergrads, though. And there is a problem that to actually use a theorem prover needs considerable amount of investment -- a non-specialist student might not want to do this.

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