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obviously I agree with much of what you say. But I am discussing with people who believe that we

constitute an exception to much of it.

I think we are talking about different things. Research projects need software rapid prototypes to support investigation in areas such as AI and robotics. These are "throw-away" prototypes that should never make it into production and usually don't.

I am talking about software products that are part of engineered computer systems which will subject others (possibly the general public) to risk. Higher education has a responsibility to prepare professional engineers to perform that engineering. That education needs to make it clear that:

In response to the comment from Les Chambers:

"We must find a way to bring formal methods out of the lab and into general use."

I generally agree. But I note that we have industrial strength systems such as SPARK Ada, industrial scope use of such systems such as the NATS iFACTS system, and substantial evidence from Peter Amey and his colleagues that applying such technology is cheaper and better than the informal alternatives.

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