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I have put a White Paper, The Importance of Logic in the Informatics Curriculum, up on our WWW site at . This makes the case for studying some formal language with an unambiguous semantics in general, and logic in particular, in *any* informatics curriculum. It works off some key observations which some of you have made, and a key intervention by Tobias Nipkow at TU München, who pointed me to a paper by Joe Halpern et al on the "Unreasonable Effectiveness" of logic in informatics, published in the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, following the relatively well-known line of work with this phrase in the title by Gene Wigner and Richard Hamming, about math in the natural sciences.

I wrote this paper yesterday and today so I could tell all our students to read it. A paper summarising the discussion and affidavits that have appeared in this thread so far, in White Paper format, will follow, contributors willing (obviously I shall ask beforehand. Contributions to the List appear in the publicly-accessible archive, of course. Some contributors have mailed me privately due to company requirements).

I think it is important to address such tropes as they arise (I also know that this view is not shared by all here!). The tropes, in their guise as what it is acceptable to affirm or argue in professional forums, affect politically what counts as good practice in our field. Both John and Martyn have addressed in this thread what should count as good practice (not just best practice, but good practice) and what must be present, resp. is lacking, in institutional structures (including professional societies and informatics curricula) to assure it. In order to sort that out, the tropes must be addressed. Those of us with employment tenure who have the inclination can do so :-)

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