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I don't know what it takes to extract a head from sand, but let me help with another little tug.

On 2014-02-18 17:10 , Derek M Jones wrote:

>> out on safety-critical metro systems by industrial engineers at Siemens
>> Transportation ......

> This appears to be claiming large scale application by association with
> large companies.

Siemens is the largest supplier of rail signalling systems in the world, with about a fifth of the market. It is the exclusive supplier of signalling for the German railway, DB. To configure any signalling system they supply, they use a tool which is a formal method.

It derives code from a simulation, then reverse-engineers the code back into the simulation language along with deriving tests to show that the reverse-engineered simulation and the original simulation give the same results.

This tool was devised primarily by a software engineer, based upon his work for a PhD thesis in formal methods at the Technical University of Braunschweig. It is certified for use by the German Federal Rail Agency, the regulator. But Siemens use it everywhere, not just in Germany.

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