[SystemSafety] Claims for formal methods (was: Re: Logic)

From: Martyn Thomas < >
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 09:18:52 +0000


Now you seem to be abusing an entire community of researchers and engineers. Are you unable to put forward your beliefs more professionally?

Please provide some examples (preferably from peer-reviewed journals) of the "excessive claims" that you are criticising.

Then please explain how this provides enough evidence for accusing a whole community of a "culture of intellectual dishonesty".


On 19/02/2014 00:16, Derek M Jones wrote:
> The current culture of intellectual dishonesty in the formal methods
> community is switching off interest from potential users.
> Justifying excessive claims by using weasel words to show how
> wording can be interpreted to reflect reality is not the way to
> convince people to try something new.
> Researchers should ask themselves whether their paper would stand
> scrutiny from the advertising standards authority.
> Soap power manufacturers have their claims scrutinized and I think
> we all agree that claims made about the use of formal methods should
> also meet this minimum requirement.

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