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Strangely the same thing cropped up here in the UK. I was having my hair cut and beard trimmed (to make me look 50 years younger J . I commented to the hair dresser that that the beard trimmer she had looked a lot more substantial than my 50 GBP one. Her comment was that: Her beard trimmer cost over 250 GBP and was a *professional* tool. She would not be seen dead using home or consumer tools. She (and indeed the rest of the staff) had various diplomas on the wall of the salon.  

However in the UK SW developers go for cheap or free tools at every opportunity. Cost rather than quality seems to over-ride. Also I have yet to see a wall of diplomas and certificates in a SW development office. I know one person who put his C.Eng certificate in a frame on his desk (mid 1990's) and everyone laughed at him.. I did not display mine (I was in a in a different team) as most of the team did not take C.Eng seriously, nor membership of the BCS or IEE (now IET)  

Why is there such inverted snobbery in most of the Sw world? I blame Clive Sinclair!  



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I should add that one weirdness in the US is that hairdressers/beauticians are subject to far more rigorous requirements to practice than software developers. And I heard from a friend whose brother is a book binder that book binders have a rigorous multi-year apprenticeship program.  

It takes me back to my earlier comment about being "an industry of highly paid amateurs". Sigh...  

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