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Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2014 02:33:29 +0000

Apologies for going silent, but duties at work took precedent over this.

I don't have anything to add or change to the summary, it looks like a very concise distillation of the most important points.

I will only add that the white paper I mentioned in the beginning is pretty close to final so if anyone was waiting for a version that was beyond the initial draft, I'm ready to share it.


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We have compiled the comments on my request for info and opinions on the use of FDLs, in particular
logic, in dependable SE. The subject has been dormant for a couple of days, so it seemed appropriate
to compile at this point.

The document is available at  (it's not a White Paper;
that is just what the directory is called).

A short commentary follows the compilation. It's a draft. Please feel free to send requests for
changes to me or to Bernd, or to the list. And, of course, to discuss further!

Some of those cited might wish to send us a somewhat longer two-line bio than what is currently
included, and we'll update if you send us one.

Once again, many thanks to all for the responses to my request for comments!


Prof. Peter Bernard Ladkin, Faculty of Technology, University of Bielefeld, 33594 Bielefeld, Germany
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