[SystemSafety] FTA training vendors?

From: Watts Malcolm (AE/ENG11-AU) < >
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 07:44:10 +0800


I'm having trouble sourcing training in Australia for FTA methodology (and tools).

My company has changed training providers in Europe, with the effect that cost of FTA training has tripled, and we no longer have access to the excellent trainers we previously used. It appears that the trainer now used may be unable to travel to Australia perhaps until 2015, which may be too late for the current crop of projects.

Would anyone who has experience with providers of FTA training in Australia be kind enough to suggest possible providers ? (In order to avoid commercial discussion on this list, and in order to avoid comments related to specific providers, please consider sending sensitive responses by e-mail rather than reposting to the group).

As an idea of what we have used previously;

On-site in Melbourne, Australia for approximately 10-12 people, in English Approx. 2 days methodology training
Approx. 2 days tools training, working through (automotive) examples, then starting a real FTA in the tool 1 day "coaching" on a specific target project- getting the team up to speed, hands-on with the tool, with the objective of getting the first levels of the FTA mapped out.

Our corporate tool standard is FT+, so I realise this might be difficult... would be happy with methodology training if that's what we can get.

Finally : we would ideally like to combine this with FMEDA training; we've integrated the two methodologies successfully on a couple of projects, would like to see how this is done in other domains.

Thanks for any leads,

Best Regards

Mal Watts

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