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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 08:17:40 +1100

Absolutely, nothing is perfect. But would I prefer an alternate to months of trawling the abyssal plain with a side scanning sonar? You betcha. Especially if it's a very, very cheap alternative.

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The really frustrating thing is that a simple and very cheap solution to this problem was proposed years ago by the inventor of the original black box and...nothing.

Well, you separate the black box and then you have possibly two problems, rather than one, to solve, namely: (a) where is the hull? and (b) where is the separated black box?

Like many such "solutions", it is a solution only if it works perfectly.

I am very impressed by the fact that *all* black boxes have been found. So it sounds like a "solution" to a problem that has not as yet occurred. Only a few of these searches involved ingenious new search techniques: maybe five. And now we have those techniques!


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