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OK, OK... It's Friday. I will say it: They were abducted by aliens :-) (and no one can prove me wrong :-)

I think there is a lot of speculation and fragmented data from disjointed sources (not to mention political shenanigans to some extent and Newspaper guesswork I saw something in passing about warnings from a US watchdog about cracks in the ac 6 months ago) .

I think it will be a while before all the *reliable* data ends up in one place and a coherent picture is put together. By which time any wreckage is going to be well and truly dispersed and it will be back to a needle in a haystack, all be it a smaller haystack. So as with AF447 it is going to be, I think, quite some time, if ever, before we get any real idea of what happened.

Back to the Aliens (or the CIA/Bilderberg Group/Freemasons etc)

Have a good week end.

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latest from the washington post:

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On 13.03.2014 13:35, Robert Schaefer at 300 wrote:
> The latest from the Wall Street Journal suggests the plan may have
> been commandeered and the transponders shut off.

WSJ makes it sound like a certainty, but the article gives no details whatsoever beyond "someone suggested that ... perhaps ...".

It doesn't really make sense. As far as we know, 9M-MRO did not send any ACARS messages after the transponder went silent. But even if it did, Malaysia Airlines did not have the SATCOM option for ACARS, so downlink must have been to a ground station. Ground-based comms are range-limited, so Rolls-Royce would presumably know, or the ACARS operator could find out, which station received the messages, and that wouldrestrict the search area, and not widen it to a huge 2000+ NM-radius circle.

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