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Regarding the divergent flight paths. It occurs to me that if you were doing triangulation with just two sources of distance data (ie: two satellites) then you would always get two potential locations. (Think of two intersecting compass-circles.)


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> Hi
> Yes there is a possibility it has landed safely somewhere. Depending in if you want to take off again as to how short the runway needed and the facilities required. There is still also a possibility they were abducted by aliens….
> Until a more coherent picture is formed it is all speculation. Despite Peter’s assertion that a clear or at least coherent picture is emerging I don’t think we have enough information to judge
> It *IS* possible that electrical faults killed the ACAS and the other systems in such a way the flight crew did not know, hence no radio calls, and this is still a bizarre accident. However given the information slowly (and somewhat disjointed) coming out of various military and intelligence groups (all with vested interests) mixed with the political shenanigans it may be that we never find out what happened even if the aircraft is eventually found.
> It is interesting that the two possible flight paths are almost in opposite directions… North west and south west (according to the BBC) I would have thought they could do triangulation a bit better than that. This would suggest there is as much international politics as air safety involved here.
> As PBL said this could be a game of not letting the hijackers know how much the authorities know. IF this was a hijacking you would normally expect some group of terrorists/freedom fighters to make some capital out of it. Unless the hijacking is phase one of a plan hence the cat and mouse with information releases from all sides.
> Chris
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> For many people this is more than just an interesting story (they have a personal connection).
> Is there any possibility that this plane land safely somewhere?
> Michael.
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