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Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2014 23:53:55 +0000

While I agree that we will probably never to make perfectly error-free software, the capability has existed for years to reduce shipped (user-encountered) defects by an order of magnitude or more. The other point is that until we--the consumers--become less tolerant of defective software, then the developers will continue to create it. Yes, it is a bit of an extreme view, but its intent is to be a wake up call for the typical developer:

"Get ready, because the typical consumer is getting tired of the crap software you have been producing. We're not just asking for higher quality, more reliable software, we're going to start demanding it"

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 > In fact, a consultant friend of
> mine recommends we don't even call them "defects". He says, "Call them
> what they really are: programmer malpractice".
Given what we know about human perfomance, expecially human capability to cope with complexity, the consultant's expectations seem to be a little bit unrealisitc.

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