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CALL FOR INDUSTRY TRACK PRESENTATIONS The 25th IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE 2014)


Naples, Italy
November 3 - 6, 2014


The objective of the Industry Track program is to establish an efficient dialogue between software practitioners and software engineering researchers concerning the challenges, findings (both positive and negative), encountered obstacles, and lessons learned on software reliability. Of particular interest is information on applying novel software development, verification and validation practices in diverse lifecycle styles, industry sectors, and software types.

The Industry Track presentations will address the application of software engineering practices (which may include work on principles, techniques, tools, methods, processes) to a specific domain or to the development of a substantial software system. In particular, we are interested in techniques that increase system reliability by preventing, detecting or correcting bugs early during the development lifecycle. Also, we are interested in downstream bug metrics and prediction methods. We would like the Industry presentations to be of interest to software development professionals, as well as to software quality and process improvement groups with concrete relation to industrial application.

We seek submissions in the following topics of interest:

Software failure modes analysis, software defect prediction, use of techniques such as requirements reviews, design reviews, static analysis, code reviews, unit testing, defect classification and root cause analysis, reliability of software produced using various development methods, such as waterfall, agile, pair programming, model driven architectures and formal methods.

Defect density, key bug management, reliability improvement achieved with different development and test techniques, measured availability, user perception studies.

Test automation, log file analysis, automatic test case generation, code coverage, prioritization and targeting of tests, estimating remaining defects and when to stop testing, fault injection testing, model driven testing.

Attack surface measurement, source code or binary static analysis for security, fuzz testing, predicting vulnerabilities, threat modelling methods and results, safety considerations and proofs of safe operation, dependability assessment techniques.

Managing large releases, release readiness criteria, maintenance release strategies, bug and service request query attributes, customer feedback mechanisms, trade-offs between feature velocity and quality.

Important Dates:

A two-page abstract of the talk (or the presentation slides, in case you have it ready) should be submitted by June 16, 2014. Submission instructions are available at the website:


After acceptance, the author(s) are required to submit a PDF presentation for publication in the conference proceedings. The slide set shall contain:

The abstracts will be reviewed by the Industry Track Program Committee and the selected authors will have a chance to present a talk (20 to 30 minutes) at the ISSRE 2014 conference.

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