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Here's an idea. Impart the value of system safety programs through true stories. Gary Kinder does a great job of illustrating what systems engineering, done right, can achieve in his book, Ship Of Gold In The Deep Blue Sea. A review was posted at my read forum at http://www.chambers.com.au/forum/post_summary.php?frm=2 (see: http://www.chambers.com.au/forum/view_post.php?frm=2&pstid=207)

----The Skinny-----

Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea is a true story about a shipwreck and a treasure hunt, but lying between the lines is the soul and essence of systems engineering. This book, by Gary Kinder, is required reading for anyone with a desire to bring together existing technologies to create a complex machine that does something hither-to thought impossible.

THE PLOT In 1857, The SS Central America, a paddle wheel steamer en-route to New York from Panama, sank in the midst of a hurricane off the North Carolina coast with the loss of 428 lives. It was packed to the gunnels with 35,000 pounds of California gold; at today's prices a street value of at least 800 million dollars.

In 1985 Tommy Thompson, a mechanical engineering graduate from Ohio State University, set out to find the wreck and recover the gold.


A COMPELLING TEACHING AID FOR SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Systems engineering textbooks are seldom compelling reads. Management directives to study SE process and follow procedure are often met with yawns and complaints of big M methodology. There is an alternative approach: hook your team on the usefulness of systems engineering process through Tommy Thompson's fantastic treasure hunt - a textbook perfect case study of how to do systems engineering right, using the rich vocabulary of a real life story. Redolent with the aura of "arragh GOLD" they will read every word and find its fundamental principles hard to resist.

If anyone knows of true stories that illustrate successful safety engineering please let me know.  



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